President Biden, It’s Time For War with Iran

In 1991, once the ground war started, the United States defeated Iraq in 101 hours. At the time, Iraq had the fourth largest military in the world. Most of the 143 Americans who were killed in action during Desert Storm died from friendly fire incidents. 

War with Iran is an absolute no-brainer for President Biden.

The United States Military has a $750 Billion dollar annual budget; more than 144 other nations combined. Yet America acts like a wounded bird on the world stage, never behaving as though we have the power to end the Iranian regime in mere hours. 

In recent years, even with military spending that was for all practical purposes unlimited, the United States has been weak and feckless against declared enemies such as North Korea, Venezuela, Iran and Cuba. And against powerful adversaries like China. North Korea sent President Trump love letters and he failed to make them give up even one single nuclear weapon. North Korea also tested and manufactured hydrogen bombs during Trump’s term. The Trump administration declared that they would end the Maduro regime, but after failing miserably, they instead opted to just declare George Washington University educated CIA stooge Juan Guaido the “Legitimate President of Venezuela”, despite having no popular support in the country. In Cuba, the Trump Administration allowed the US Embassy to fall victim to sonic weapons, injuring US diplomats and met that aggression with no meaningful response. Iran made complete fools of the Trump Administration’s foreign policy team and China ignored tough talk from the United States and took over Hong Kong.

Former President Trump threatened to completely destroy 52 sites within Iran if they retaliated for the killing of arch-terrorist Qasem Soleimani. Iran did retaliate, launching ballistic missiles into a US airbase in the region, permanently injuring more than three dozen US service members. Many of those US soldiers and airmen suffered serious and permanent brain injuries in the Iranian attack. Iran called Trump’s bluff, and Trump did nothing. 

During President Trump’s term in office, Iran grew more powerful on the world stage. Despite the Trump Administration’s so-called “crushing maximum-pressure” sanctions, Iran’s economy actually grew. Iran enriched so much Uranium during the Trump Presidency that they are now just weeks away from possessing a nuclear weapon. 

President Biden has a unique, and perhaps once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to demonstrate that he’s not the weak-kneed pacifist that Republicans paint him as. 

War with Iran would be an absolute layup for the United States, and with our current levels of military spending, there would be no need to assemble a global coalition to carry it out. 

In the opening hours of war with Iran, US cruise missiles launched from air and sea would fly under Iranian radar and completely obliterate Iran’s command and control infrastructure. With strikes on power plants and communications centers, the country would go dark and their leadership would lose the ability to effectively wield military assets. All of Iran’s runways would be destroyed, grounding their airforce, which looks impressive on paper, but lacks the resources to keep planes maintained and pilots well-trained. Supply lines within Iran would be cut-off by strikes from US stealth bombers. The headquarters of Iran’s Quds Force and its other effective fighting units would be bombed into the ground. The ports which Iran uses to export oil would be blockaded by US attack-submarines. Iran’s ballistic missile sites, which would be used to retaliate against Israel and America’s gulf partners, would be hit before they ever had a chance to launch.

The US military would need to kill or seriously injure around 300,000 Iranian troops to bring their fighting effectiveness below fifty percent, at which point they would be demoralized and worthless on the battlefield. 

With three US carrier strike groups just outside the Persian Gulf, ground-based air superiority US fighter units based at nearby Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar and relentless strategic bombing from B-1, B-2 and B-52 squadrons based at Diego Garcia, the United States would strike a blow against Iran over 48 to 72 hours which would end their nuclear program and their evil regime. 

Civilian casualties would not become an issue for President Biden politically. The modern US media would never dare venture into a dangerous warzone to do any real reporting—especially with a Democrat in the White House. The lack of media reporting over civilian casualties would enable Biden to win a war with Iran the only way that modern wars have ever been won, with massive strategic bombing. 

Indeed the United States could crush the Iranian regime and their dangerous nuclear program without deploying a single US ground-troop on Iranian soil. Doing so would provide President Biden with an almost unimaginable boost in popular support from the American people and would unite the country against our common enemy of state-sponsored Islamofacism. Joe Biden has the opportunity to show that he can wield US power like to defeat our nation’s enemies like Donald Trump never could. 

After Desert Storm, President George H.W. Bush’s approval rating surged above 87% beating the previous high held by President Truman following the US victory over Japan in the second world war.

President Biden, it’s time. Go to war with Iran. 

About The Author: Jacob Wohl is a registered lobbyist and the host of Man Up with Jacob Wohl on Censored.TV.