Jacob Wohl Served with Cease and Desist Order

Driton Ramadani has served Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman with a cease and desist order after he was featured in Episode 3 of Predator DC.

Driton Ramadani was busted in Episode 3 of Wohl and Burkman’s Predator DC coming to meet a decoy posing as an underage teen for sex. After his appearance in the show was teased in Episode 2 of the series, Ramadani had Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman served with a cease and desist order.

Jacob Wohl said in Episode 3 that PredatorDC would “neither be ceasing nor desisting” and proceeded to show Ramadani’s messages with Predator DC’s decoy posing as an underage teen girl and his interrogation after he entered Predator DC’s sting house rigged with hidden cameras.

Predator DC sent several examples of Mr. Ramadani’s inappropriate messages with the decoy to his lawyers, who did not reply after seeing the disturbing transcripts.

Also in Episode 3, Jacob Wohl interviewed 23-year-old Lais Furtado, who was the girlfriend of 60-year-old Robert Bowes for almost a year, but broke up with him following Episode 1 of Predator DC, which showed Bowes attempting to entice a decoy posing as an underaged teen across state lines for sex.

Furtado described suffering extensive abuse at the hands of Robert Bowes, during the live-in relationship they had for nearly a year.

Jacob Wohl also interviewed Jennifer McNerney, who was married to Robert Bowes for 5 years and has a son with him. She described witnessing a myriad of perversion during their marriage and spoke about how she fears for the safety of their young son. The full interview with Jennifer McNearney airs next week in Episode 4 of Predator DC.

McNerney described how she caught her then-husband Robert Bowes posting pictures of her on Craigslist without her consent, in an attempt to organize orgies.

Another one of the men featured in Episode 3 of Predator DC turns out to be a CIA officer, though he initially told Wohl and Burkman that he was a “consultant”. He admitted to Wohl and Burkman that sex was “potentially” something that he was going to engage in with the girl he believed to be an underaged teen.

PredatorDC is making the findings of its investigation available to law enforcement and to the predators’ government employers upon request.

Updates on the Predators:

The Arlington County Police Department is currently investigating several of the predators caught in Predator DC’s sting operation.

Gagan “AJ” Kumar, featured in Episode 2 of Predator DC, was terminated from CompuGain. All traces to Paul Turner have now been removed from the website of MSI, the Crystal City-based CIA front company purported to employ him.  Judge Scott Bain, busted in Episode 2, remains under investigation by the Office of Inspector General. Mohammad Salim Mandokhil, the DoD intelligence analyst busted in Episode 1 has now been placed under review for termination by Jacobs, the contractor he works for, and his top secret security clearance has been suspended.

WATCH NOW: Episode 3 of PredatorDC is available now at PredatorDC.com. Wohl and Burkman have busted dozens of DC-area sexual predators in their sting operation. Season 1 of PredatorDC has 6 episodes that will air weekly at PredatorDC.com.


To report an incident or suspicious situation that may involve the sexual exploitation of children, file a report on the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)'s website at www.cybertipline.com, or call 1-800-843-5678.


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